Smart Cushion® Crash Attenuator

Smart Cushion® Crash Attenuator

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  • Fully re-directive, non-gating, bidirectional, impact attenuator
  • Designed to be reset after an impact in under 30 minutes
  • Low angle exit on side impacts keep vehicles from rebounding back into traffic.
  • Life cycle cost savings with minimum replacement parts needed
  • MASH eligible

MASH Test Results:

  • All MASH tests were performed including the optional midsize car test using an independent accredited testing facility. Once again, the Smart Cushion established records for ridedown g-forces for small vehicles just like it did with NCHRP350.
  • The SCI100GM is a MASH and NCHRP350 Test Level 3 attenuator.

Safety Benefits:

  • Variable resistance (speed-dependent), not fixed resistance, provides consistent deceleration during ridedown.
  • Longer ridedown distances and lower sustained g-forces for lighter or slower-moving vehicles.
  • Quick and easy resets for reduced worker exposure to traffic.
  • Low angle of exit on side impacts to keep vehicle from rebounding back into traffic.
  • No mobilization required after side impacts reduces public and worker exposure.

Cost Benefits:

  • Few replacement parts requirements virtually eliminate spare parts inventory and parts costs.
  • Thirty minute resets reduces labor and traffic control costs.
  • The reverse-tapered design eliminates side panel stress on frontal impacts to reduce damage and system fatigue from multiple impacts.
  • Life cycle cost savings increase dramatically as additional impacts occur.
  • No damage on side impact combined with low cost on frontal impacts can save you 75% or more on costs including labor, mobilization and parts
  • Systems shipped from factory fully assembled reduce on-site labor.

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