NEYRA Thermoflex - Crack Joint Thermo-sealant

NEYRA Thermoflex – Crack Joint Thermo-sealant

  • 30lb block
  • Direct Fire Formula: Tolerates reheating and will not jell in kettle.
  • No Tracking: A tough and pliable formula for parking lots & driveways.
  • No Bleed Through: Ideal for crackfilling under sealcoating, slurry seals and overlays.
  • Sets Firm & Fast: You can seal in 15 minutes or less.
  • Resilient: Formulated to perform under the expansion and contraction conditions of all climates.
  • Proven Performance: Meets and exceeds the standards of AASHTO M173 and ASTM D6690 Type I.


Thermoflex should be heated in a vessel designed for heating hot pour crack sealants. Some means of agitation and monitoring of temperature are recommended. The range of safe heating temperature for the product is between 350-400° F. Overheating Thermoflex beyond this recommended range can degrade the material and create a fire hazard. Thermoflex is suitable for use in a direct fire melter or an oil-jacketed double boiler. It is also an excellent product for use through pumping type kettles.


Install heated sealant directly into cracks/joints not to exceed a 4-inch-wide band. Thickness should be controlled to not more than 1/8 inch above pavement surface. Finished sealed cracks and joints will be uniformly level. Refill to achieve a flush to 1/8-inch concave surface appearance. One lb. of Thermoflex will fill the following lineal feet:

Product Data Sheet

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