Liftex Pro-Edge® Polyester Web Sling 2 ply 3" x 8' - Twisted Eyes

Liftex Pro-Edge® Polyester Web Sling 2 ply 3″ x 8′ – Twisted Eyes

Liftex Pro-Edge® Premium Edge Polyester Web Slings are fabricated with Pro-Edge® polyester webbing. Pro-Edge® features edge reinforcement with twisted tire – cord yarns – for the same reason that these yarns are used in tires – they provide maximum resistance to wear (cutting and abrasion). Additionally, the twisting of these yarns provides an enhanced degree of resistance to cutting and abrasion as compared to non-twisted yarns. Longer life means reduced cost per use.Most other premium edge products are made with non-twisted yarns and with vinyl or polymer edge coatings – coatings that can wear off over time and leave the end-user with a simple “standard” edge sling.

  • Tapered Twisted eyes – Work better in choker applications and nest in crane hooks better than flat eyes
  • 2 ply
  • 3″ wide
  • 8′ long
  • Vertical Capacity – 9300 lbs
  • Choker Capacity – 7440 lbs
  • Basket Capacity – 18,600 lbs
  • **WARNING** Never exceed rated capacities. Sling tension will increase as the angle from horizontal decreases. Slings should not be used at angles less than 30°


Brand Liftex
Ecc Gtin 69788805070
Weight 3.60
Supplier Part Number TE293X8PD
Vertical Capacity (lbs) 9300 lbs
Choker Capacity (tons) 3.72 tons
Choker Capacity (lbs) 7440 lbs
Eye Type Half Twist Eyes
Ply 2 Ply
Vertical Capacity (tons) 4.65 tons



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