DFS625HM-X, Strobe Lights - 625 Series

DFS625HM-X, Strobe Lights – 625 Series

The 625 lights are a bright, powerful, economical, line of multi-voltage quad flash and double flash strobe lights. The Q625 features 75 quad FPM for an exceptional attention getting display. The DFS625 has the same housing with 75 double FPM and is also available in 120V AC. The 625 series comes standard with a black ABS plastic base and fresnel lens. The 625 lights have an optional flange mount base and/or 6″ tall dome for greater light output and a higher profile. The 625P strobe lights include a 1/2″ pipe mount plate added to the base of the light. Magnet mount versions include a 75 lb. pull magnet and a 15′ coiled cord with cigarette lighter plug with a built in ON/OFF switch.



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