Air Ventilation Blower

Air Ventilation Blower

Designed with flexibility in mind, every feature of the EP8AC25P BLOW-R-PACĀ®, Ventilation Blower complete with 8 inch diameter x 25 foot flexible duct and integral storage canister. is designed to meet the confined space ventilation demands for many construction, utility, and municipal applications. Straight thru, axial flow design maximizes air flow delivery rates with input horsepower. Sturdy, easy-grip handle molded directly into the housing makes for convenient, reliable transport. The tough, double-walled housing is molded from UV-resistant polyethylene, making it dent-resistant, corrosion-proof and virtually indestructible. Air flows rates are certified by an independent testing agency.

Electric Motor: 1/3HP, 115 VAC, 60HZ, single speed
Speed Control: Single Speed

Type: Axial
Material: High density, UV resistant polyethylene
Size: 8 inch (203 mm) Nominal Diam. inlet/ Outlet and 25 foot flexible duct with integral storage canister

Material: High density, UV resistant polyethylene
Weight: 59 lbs (26.76 kg)

Height: 15 inch (381 mm)
Length: 33.5 inch (850.9 mm)
Width: 13.5 inch (342.9 mm)

Free Air: 902.35 CFM (25.55 cmm)
One 90 Degree Bend: 547.63 CFM (15.51 cmm)
Two: 90 Degree Bends: 477.30 CFM (13.52 cmm)

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