Boardwalk Temporary Pedestrian Modular Ramp

Boardwalk Temporary Pedestrian Modular Ramp

BoardWalk Temporary Pedestrian Modular RAMP provides accessible, detectable, safer guidance when temporary pedestrian access routes cross perpendicularly over curbs. BoardWalk is ADA-Compliant.

BoardWalk RAMP is ideal for use when a permanent crosswalk is closed, and the temporary pedestrian pathway is re-routed to a mid-block, temporary crosswalk that crosses a curb.

Features and Benefits:

  • Modular sections are portable and connect for ramp length needed
  • No hardware required
  • Allows for any slope of 1″ rise for 12″ run (8%, or a 1:12 ratio)
  • Modular edge support castings provide guidance for pedestrians who use canes, walking devices, or wheelchairs
  • Boards and approach plates feature a slip-resistant surface
  • Approach plates are 48″ W x 18″ L and also feature a slip-resistant surface
  • RAMP rated at 800 lb. capacity for 48″ maximum width

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