JBC™ Arch-top Delineators

JBC™ Arch-top Delineators

JBC Arch-top Delineators are made to last.

The vibrant, durable tubes of these delinetors feature:

  • 3M Prismatic reflective sheeting
  • A special LDPE formula, which makes delineators strong and flexible enough to bounce back from tough impact
  • UV stabilizers to ensure delineators hold color in the harshest conditions

JBC offers 8lb or 12lb bases. All bases are manufactured from 100% recycled rubber tires and are re-vulcanized for maximum durability.



Arch Top42″ Arch Top + 3M Tape Arch_Top+3M3810ix2.pdf

BV-88 lb. Delineator BaseDelineator_Base_8lb.pdf

BV-1212 lb. Delineator BaseDelineator_Base_12LB.pdf

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