Street Name Signs - Flat or Extruded

Street Name Signs – Flat or Extruded

6” tall flat or extruded blade signs are available in:

  • 24 x 6”
  • 30 x 6”
  • 36 x 6”

6” high signs are used on local roads with speed limits of 25 mph or less.

9” tall flat or extruded blades are available in:

  • 24 x 9”
  • 30 x 9”
  • 36 x 9”
  • 42 x 9”
  • 48 x 9”

9” high are the standard size for ground-mounted street name signs with speed limits higher than 25 mph.


The direct mount systen uses alumnium street name blades with a square post to make it the most vandal resistant street sign setup.

We can install rivet/spacers to both sides or hardware sold separately.

Street sign mounting brackets for flat and extruded blades. Available for u-channel, round, or square posts. Mounting Brackets

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