Polyguard Highway Under Seal

Polyguard Highway Under Seal

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Since 1972, Polyguard’s Pavement Underseal Membranes have been used across the country in Pavement Waterproofingand rehabilitation projects:

  1. Applied as  Highway Underlayments over cracks or joints on the old pavement prior to a new overlay, Polyguard underseals have been proven to: 
    • Provide a permanent seal, even if the new pavement above the underseal cracks.
    • Reduces the amount and severity of cracking in the new pavement surface, thus reducing Pavement Maintenance.
  2. Applied to bridge decks or parking garages prior to overlay, Polyguard underseal provides an impermeable barrier protecting steel rebar from moisture and corrosion. Combined with a Road Bore Casing Filler moisture doesn’t have a chance.

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