Type B Solar Light

Type B Solar Light

  • Flash Rate: +/- 65 Times Per Minute 

  • Power/Energy: 1.5 Watt Solar Panel/3.6 Volt 4600 mAh Battery Included/Installed

  • Illumination/Brightness: 9 High Intensity Super Bright LEDs; 35+ Candelas

  • Operational Requirements: Ready to Operate Right Out of the Box; All Parts Included; Maintenance Free

  • Length of Operation: 3+ Years

  • Full Solar Charge: Operates 168+ Hours Flashing

  • Overcharge: Protection Built-In

  • Charging Requirements: Re-Charges During Day; No Direct Sunlight Required to Charge 

  • On/Off Switch: Operates 24/7 Flashing

  • Lens Cover Material: Polycarbonate 

  • Mounting System: Box Style Base with Multiple Mounting Options Available

  • Packaging/Parts Included: 5 Lights Per Box (Fully Assembled); 5 Bolts; 5 Post U-Clamps; 5 Hoods; 1 Security Tool; 1 On/Off Push Pin

  • Colors Available: Amber/Yellow (In Stock); Red

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